Hollyrood Avenue, Backyard Garden Oasis


A backyard garden oasis, seamlessly connecting interior spaces with the outside. Working around one of Oakville’s largest oak trees by taking direction from nature, this design is one of our most popular projects on Houzz. The linear lines of the deck and pergola transition to free-flowing organic shapes as the built environment secedes to its natural surrounds. The result is a subtle layering of material, with each reaching out to touch the other – inside carries outside with wood deck underfoot, stepping down to the interlock patio that defines the limits of the static environment, bordered by manicured lawn to mark the beginning of the living world, whose far edge of concrete curb delineates the start of a very dynamic space where carefully planned perennials yield to the unbridled majesty of raw nature. Pathways throughout the property were created using this hierarchy, alluding to the destination through the material selection alone. With the addition of a fire table and outdoor accent lighting, this backyard has become an outdoor sanctuary for any time of day or year.

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