Go warm this Fall with the Beige Bateaux collection by Al Huzaifa Furniture

Al Huzaifa Furniture has always leaded the pack when it comes to innovative home furnishings in the UAE, unveils its Beige Bateaux collection

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Al Huzaifa Furniture, the luxury furnishings brand the nation relies on for elegant, timeless craftsmanship, presents its Beige Bateaux collection. The new collection consists of a range of stylish and classic pieces that complement any living space and adds a touch of class to your home. Named Beige Bateaux, the collection hosts large vessel-like luxury seating options with gold, beige, and cream accents that will warm up any living space. Bateaux, French for ships, refer to the large, vessel-like quality of these stunning pieces that allow larger parties and rows of persons to perch comfortably within a living space. Choose from a range of den lounges, chaise lounges, sofas, tables and chairs, and settees with ottomans that will add a beautiful, Victorian element to the home without making the atmosphere dark or dreary this season.

Easy to clean and truly dainty pieces are designed to look regal and rich in any environment. Al Huzaifa Furniture offers the most beautiful decorative upholsteries and plush settees at the most affordable prices. Find the Beige Bateaux living and dining collection at all Al Huzaifa Furniture outlets.

Find the best innovated and classy furniture at the Al Huzaifa Furniture showrooms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah.

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